We take advice from an experienced independent agronomist with a proportion of the cropping and husbandry decisions managed by ourselves. 

All arable and contract farming enquiries are welcomed, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. 

The foundation of our rotation is based around wheat followed by a break crop of either oilseed rape, oats, beans or linseed. We do not have a set rotation as our focus is long term sustainability rather than short term gain, flexibility is the key to achieve this. 

Soil is at the heart of every decision across our farms, we are focused on increasing organic matter, improving structure and reducing reliance on artificial inputs. We use a combination of the following techniques to achieve this; direct drilling (zero-till), reduced cultivations, chopping straw, cover crops and spreading farmyard manure and compost.

arable farming

The arable enterprise consists of a mixture of owned, tenanted and contract farmed land across 250ha. We employ a range of modern machinery to operate across our acerage to ensure the highest possible standards and timeliness of operations. 

Techniques such as direct drilling, variable rate applications and GPS are used to increase efficiency and improve productivity.