beef farming

The beef herd at Fortecue Farm consists of 100 suckler cows made up of three breeds; South Devon, Blonde D'Aquitaine and Aberdeen Angus. The cows calve in the spring and then head out to graze the meadows of the river Exe and river Culm for the summer. We use the technique of mob grazing to maximise the productivity of our grass, which involves moving the cattle daily to a fresh parcel of grass. This enables paddocks to be rested for longer improving the amount of regrowth. This has allowed us to increase our stocking rates whilst reducing fertiliser use. 

Our beef is produced to the highest possible standards of animal welfare.​ Heifers and steers are finished off a grass based diet between 18-24 months.This produces great tasting healthy beef by simply allowing animals to mature naturally. 

Our beef is sold to a combination of local butchers as well as the large retailers Sainbury's and Tesco.