A proportion of the cropping and husbandry is managed by ourselves; we take advice and research information from an experienced independent agronomist.


The foundation of our rotation is based around wheat followed by a break crop of either oilseed rape, oats, beans and linseed. We do not have a set rotation as our focus is long term sustainability rather than short term gain, flexibility is the key to achieving this. 

Where a premium is available we seek to exploit it, growing Hear oilseed rape for industrial use, edible spring beans for the human consumption market and from 2017 group 1 milling wheats.

We believe firmly in growing crops for specific target markets. 

Fertiliser application map generated following soil sampling
Conductivity scan showing the range soil types and depths  

​Precision Farming

Recent investment in technology and equipment has enabled the business to advance into variable rate input applications. Centering around the SoilQuest method of scanning, we have mapped every field to identify the ranging soil types and nutrient levels across our farms. The data has provided us with a platform from which to make decisions, enabling seed, fertiliser, lime, manure and chemicals to be targeted to specific areas. 

We have seen numerous benefits; yield increases, improved soil indices and considerable savings from not over dosing on inputs. 

- Reduced use of inputs - seed, fertiliser, lime 

​- Yield improvement from VR drilling and VR fertiliser

​- Planning for nutrient management, includes NVZ maps required for cross compliance

- Reduced environmental impact from eliminating over application


In the future we plan to incorporate this platform within the fixed costs of our contract farming agreements without the landowner encountering the associated investment costs. Chemical technology is already becoming limited, it is going to become paramount to target and apply inputs better to achieve improved yields.  

On top of variable rate applications we can offer automatic section control from our John Deere sprayer using SF1 correction signalling, which again helps to limit over dosing on headlands and provides guidance on cultivated land or grassland.

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