Here is a summary of the bye-laws:
- Mandatory catch and release of all salmon for all rivers before 16 June. Fly and spinner only (where not already limited by existing bye-laws) before June 16 for salmon fishing.
- Catch and release of salmon is mandatory to 16 June.
- No worm or maggot fishing is permitted.
- Permitted baits are restricted to artificial fly and artificial lure until 16 June.
- River Exe Experimental Season Extension - 1st October to 14th October. Fly only. Barbless flies. Catch and release only, strictly enforced. You must apply for a seperate license - available from Lance Nicholson. Tel: 01398 323409


- The River Exe and Tributaries Association operate a voluntary code for salmon fishing. The code builds on the steady increase in the practice of catch and release on the Exe from 24% in 1997 to over 70% in 2011.
- At least 66% of all salmon caught to be released (i.e. put two out of three back.)
- No more than one salmon over 27” (i.e. 8lb) to be killed per season.
- All salmon over 27” (i.e. 8lb) to be returned after 16th August.
- All coloured salmon to be returned.

For the coming 2016 season we will no longer be offering daily passes to fish, instead the fishing will be let to a small number of rods for the entire season. Members will have unrestricted access to the river 7 days a week. All bank maintenance will be carried out by ourselves leaving you to enjoy the fishing. There is also access to toilet facilities and a small fishing hut at the farm.

If you would like to become a member please get in touch on this number 07703327837.


The Fortescue Farm Fishery is approximately 1,850 metres long, where the River Exe sweeps in a large bend around the fertile water meadows, with good access and casting. Starting from the tributaries of Exmoor, it is full of pools, pots, shallows and streams; the bed is stony and clean and the water that flows over it is crystal clear. This makes for exceptional fly fishing with good runs of salmon and plentiful brown trout, particularly in August and September. 

Please take note of the seasons below and the bye-laws that follow;

Salmon - 14th February to 30th September *
Sea trout - 15th March to 30th September *
Brown trout - 15th March to 30th September
​Grayling - 16th June to 14th March

* Extension to 14th October may be available.

Live Thorverton Bridge Webcam

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