​​The Fortescue Farm Fishery is approximately 1,850 metres long, where the River Exe sweeps in a large bend around the fertile water meadows, with good access and space for casting. Starting from the tributaries of Exmoor, it is full of pools, pots, shallows and streams; the bed is stony and clean, the water that flows over it is crystal clear. This makes for exceptional fly fishing with good runs of salmon and plentiful brown trout, particularly in August and September. 

For the coming 2018 season we still have a small number of rods to let. Members have unrestricted access to the river 7 days a week from February to mid October. All bank maintenance is carried out by ourselves leaving you to enjoy the fishing, there is also access to toilet facilities and the shoot/fishing room to hide out the way of an unexpected shower.

If you would like to become a member please get in touch.

sales@fortescuefarming.com -  07703327837


Please see the links below to the RETA website and Thorverton Bridge Webcam where you are able to monitor the live water level of the river Exe.